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About Us

FOMAT is dedicated to innovating and diversifying clinical research. We are directing the clinical research departments for several of the largest hospitals and medical network groups in North and South America.


In Latin America, FOMAT has extended CRO capabilities that allow
even quicker and more efficient study start-up times and processes.

Diversifying clinical research is a top priority at FOMAT, which is why
collecting data from Hispanic sites is essential. Data is gathered through our numerous clinical sites located throughout Ecuador, United States, Colombia, Peru, and Nicaragua.

Diverse Research Solutions (DRS) is an American SMO,
headquartered in Oxnard, California. As a SMO, we have over 10
years of experience conducting a wide range of clinical trials
inside and outside of the country.

We have acquired the professional expertise to assist pharmaceutical
companies and CROs in reaching their project goals
quickly and effectively. Throughout our work we have specialized
and mastered Phase 2 & Phase 3 clinical trials.

FOMAT and DRS share the same mission: to diversify clinical trials throughout the continental Americas while ensuring that
GCP standards and ethics are upheld and high-quality data is contributed to the scientific community to create better
treatments and medicine for everyone.
At FOMAT and DRS, we believe that the future of medicine lies in the heart of innovation.

Therefore, we have developed capabilities with additional benefits that only FOMAT-DRS can offer you during your clinical trials.

offer you during your clinical trials.

To sponsors and CROs:

We are committed to excellence in high-quality management of clinical trials and diversifying your clinical trial data.

To the patients and volunteers:

We are committed to providing you a safe and hospitable environment, the best ethical practices, and are dedicated to improving
healthcare outcomes and treatments for our patients and volunteers now and in the future.